How to relaunch your web presence

Often I find myself discovering what works and does not work much faster than ever before. When it comes to sports organizations, especially ones…

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Build a WordPress Multisite monster for multiple landing pages

Like most things in nature, there seems to be no end to the number of clever ways animals use to capture a meal. The…

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Build a WordPress Multisite monster for multiple language content

A WordPress Multisite Monster Pattern I get asked about all the time at WordCamps (Ok, I’ve only been to two WordCamps, but the question…

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What I learned at WordCamp Hampton Roads

It was time for round two! After cutting my teeth at my first WordCamp in Asheville, North Carolina, in July 2015, it was now…

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How WordPress Multisite was forged

WordPress Multisite can be seen as the “Wizard of Oz” of WordPress. Pay no attention to the code behind the curtain! However, Jeremy Felt…

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WordPress security never ends

I once heard the quote, “Anyone can play basketball, but only a few can play in the NBA.” The same is true with WordPress…

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