Time you take your online world by the horns!

Trenchbucket, founded in 2014, is a creative strategy and engineering company dedicated to helping the outdoor recreation industry build better content solutions online. With a team of enthusiastic and dedicated creatives that think deeply, question assumptions, and understand your brand, we provide that missing link between your story and your audience online.

We have some principles

We believe that it IS a big deal that you have a website that works for both you and your customers. Finding someone to build your website for you is already complicated enough without knowing who to trust. Our team sticks to our three main principles: start small, stay simple, and show value. And we stick to our guns on these principles too. Here’s how:

  • Start Small — When you’re just starting with your first website, or coming away from a bad experience, we recommend that you get your online presence under control. Starting small gives you a chance to get some perspective and learn what is possible before you fully commit.
  • Stay Simple — You need to have a good understanding of what your business needs online — and what it does not. Buying functionality and add-ons that you will never use is a waste of our time and your money. We want you to have the right build, not the biggest build.
  • Show Value — If your website doesn’t drive any business to you, what’s the point? Showing value is more about what your website is saying about your business than just it’s look-and-feel. That’s why we build sites that help your customers find you online.

We can tackle plenty of diverse adventures from content, theme, and multisite development, to hosting, cloud services, and security. However, our specialty is understanding what your customer’s need and how we can weave that into a creative strategy that can actual happen.

Trench What?

What kind of name is Trenchbucket?
We named our company Trenchbucket to demonstrate our attitude towards attacking difficult problems. The actual term trenchbucket is derived from the scoop found at the end of an excavator. It is the part of the machine that shovels apart mountains and turns them into hills of dirt. It is also the slang term for a trebuchet, or siege tower. These towers were built to assault mountain strongholds and castles during medieval warfare. Trenchbucket is a company that knows how to attack hard problems in multiple ways just like its namesake.

Meet our mascot, Gruff

trenchbucket-gruff-big-2016-512x512In branding Trenchbucket, we wanted to go beyond the raw power of an excavator, and the war-like reach of a siege tower. We also wanted to express our zeal for the outdoors and how we see ourselves connected to the outdoor recreation industry. The result was the adoption of the mountain goat as our brand’s logo. Affectionately called “Gruff” (as in the tale of Billy Goat’s Gruff), we saw the mountain goat having the same aggressive attitude towards problems as the Trenchbucket name evokes. Gruff symbolizes our capability to climb over steep problems with sure-footed precision while pulling from a deep mythology of trampling the trolls that lurk beneath bridges. Gruff embodies Trenchbucket’s culture of ruggedness, hard work, and commitment to the outdoors while acting as our metaphor to how we solve problems with worthwhile solutions.

What our clients have to say

“Whenever I bring a challenge to Trenchbucket, they meet it with enthusiasm and “can do” attitude. They are incredibly collaborative and highly knowledgeable!”

Amber (Principal Consultant)

“I asked and Trenchbucket delivered! My site led to a great turnout and made my race a success. I couldn’t have asked for more!”

Chris (Race Promoter)

“Trenchbucket repeatedly showed their professionalism, as well as both the depth and breadth of their technical knowledge. They grasp complex issues quickly and come up with creative solutions, and were able to balance multiple projects with great ease. I would recommend Trenchbucket without hesitation.”

Chris (Senior Software Engineer)

“I am SOOOOO happy I hired Trenchbucket! They are focused on working each problem, explaining the solution without the jargon. Oh, and they actually solve it too!”

Cindy (Business Owner)

“Trenchbucket makes the whole process easy to understand. They are down-to-earth and very devoted to creating the project I needed. I really enjoyed working with them!”

Julie (Business Owner)

“Trenchbuket is Great! My site is working well again. Thanks for your help!”

Lou (Business Owner)

“Trenchbucket is thorough with knowledge and experience that make them uniquely qualified for any task.”

Stacy (Business Architect)

“The team at Trenchbucket is like taking your website to a tech version of House. They are curious investigators that go right into the trenches and dig out the issue. Hard to find bug hunters like these guys!”

Tom (Business Owner)
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