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@Trenchbucket -- Creative strategy dragon, off-road racing podcaster, WordPress & PHP developer, outdoor race promoter, and US Navy Veteran. Current products: Reckoneer, Merchants of Dirt Podcast, and Wolf Bouncer All-Mountain Series.

Automation requires you to walk the path

If you want to implement a DevOps principle that takes your deployments from weeks to days, then you will need to walk the path, build trust, and fix your own house before you can ever automate.

Less unicorns, more mountain goats

One day, my daughter asked me what I did for a living. In an attempt to explain myself to her, she stopped me in mid-sentence to exclaim, “Pops, I’ve talked to all

How to build a club website using WordPress Multisite

Now, it goes without saying that WordPress Multisite is a misunderstood and often misused creature. You often start down the WP Multisite path with good intentions, only to quickly discover how unmanageable these Monsters can become! And yet, their is power in a WordPress Multisite installation… can you feel it?

How to relaunch your web presence

Often I find myself discovering what works and does not work much faster than ever before. When it comes to sports organizations, especially ones that have a poor online presence, I find

Build a WordPress Multisite monster for multiple landing pages

Like most things in nature, there seems to be no end to the number of clever ways animals use to capture a meal. The same could be said for testing different variations

Build a WordPress Multisite monster for multiple language content

A WordPress Multisite Monster Pattern I get asked about all the time at WordCamps (Ok, I’ve only been to two WordCamps, but the question came up both times, so that counts) is

What I learned at WordCamp Hampton Roads

It was time for round two! After cutting my teeth at my first WordCamp in Asheville, North Carolina, in July 2015, it was now time to head down to to Virginia Beach,

How WordPress Multisite was forged

WordPress Multisite can be seen as the “Wizard of Oz” of WordPress. Pay no attention to the code behind the curtain! However, Jeremy Felt pulled back the curtain at WordCamp Vancouver 2015

How to troubleshoot unpredictable WordPress Multisite plugin behavior

In the exploration and hunting of WordPress Multisite Monsters, you often come across a situation that is unique to WordPress Multisite installations. Plugins tend to have a lot to do with Multisite

WordPress security never ends

I once heard the quote, “Anyone can play basketball, but only a few can play in the NBA.” The same is true with WordPress developers. Anyone can figure out how to install

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