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We provide strategies that make your honest endeavors real. You can’t have an online presence without content. We fill that empty bucket up by telling your story, delivering it to the Internet via WordPress engineering, and then provide you with the insight to manage and maintain it all.

Delivering your story is just as important as the story itself. That’s why we love WordPress! It’s kind of our main jam. Does it have to be WordPress? No. It just happens to be what we enjoy using to build your story into a digital presence. WordPress also happens to be very easy to use, easy to secure, what 27-percent of all websites globally are using, and what powers over 2,600 of the top 10,000 websites as of January 2017.

We love Podcasting too! We often hold podcasting startup workshops dedicated to foundational podcasting education. Whether you’re starting your podcasting journey, looking to having someone produce shows for you, or just interested in learning about the cutting edge tools and techniques needed to produce your own shows, we can get all your how-to podcasting questions answered!

How we help you build your story

Content Strategy
We think that having a story, and having a story that is aimed at your target audience, are two different things. We have an immersive process that analyzes the content that makes up your story, see what works, what needs help, and what is missing. The final weave is a content strategy that gets the attention of search engines, and starts the hard work of getting your site to show up on search result pages customers actually see.

Podcast Production
We enjoy creating and helping to create, podcasts of all shapes and sizes. If you’re struggling to create a podcast, or just need some guidance on how to make your podcast better, we’re ready to support you with workshops, concept creation, and even one-on-one consultation.

Brand Creation
All brand creation starts with a name, but naming something you care about is hard. Without a good name, you can’t produce copy, logos, business cards, or even reserve a domain name. We think that the process of coming up with a good brand name shouldn’t stand in your way. We’ve named dozens of companies, products, and events, and have the creative talent to name your thing.

Event Marketing
The best way to launch a brand is to do it with an event. We have partnered with Reckoneer to provide you with several options in connecting your company or products to audiences. Nothing works better in announcing something new than having it be the main sponsor of a meetup, conference, or race.

How we deliver your story to the world

WordPress Development
We specialize in building WordPress Networks using WordPress Multisite. We started in WordPress building Multisites, and know how building both a single site and a fully configured multisite network, can be an advantage for your business. Why have multiple one-off sites, when you can have one WordPress Multisite Network that can be multiple sites with one administration? Trenchbucket can make this happen for you.

WordPress Frontend Facelift
We love WordPress Themes! We think it’s a big deal to have a website that works for your customers AND looks good. We can work with existing themes, or build it from scratch, to produce a unique web presence. We back your online investment by focusing on helping you achieve your company’s most important creative goal online: a rugged website that creates repeat customers.

WordPress Site Migration
We love to see companies move their old websites toward WordPres. Especially when it is a new development that can be built, managed, and maintained correctly from the ground up! As a company, Trenchbucket has created and developed over 50+ WordPress websites, contributes to the WordPress community, and is a strong supporter of WordPress developer groups throughout the Washington DC Metro Area. We’ve also worked with almost ever serious hosting provider there is (e.g. Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Mediatemple, Rackspace, GoDaddy, InMotion, Network Solutions) and know how to quietly move your site off a bad host, and onto a host that actually works for you!

How we tell your next story

WordPress Management and Maintenance
We love it when our clients can keep everything running smoothly without us. But we also know that some of you don’t want to (or can’t) add another bunch of tasks to your monthly workload. We offer affordable monthly maintenance options and can stick around to make sure you understand how your site works. The result is some peace-of-mind that your site will always have someone focused on keeping it up-and-running for your customers.

WordPress Troubleshooting and Debugging
We like to use WordPress Plugin, but when a free plugin (or even a paid one) does not work, or worse, something breaks after an update, it’s time to call us to find the problem and get you back online! We can audit your WordPress website, find the problem, and provide a solution that makes WordPress work again. If you need your WordPress installation to JUST WORK again, we’re the right bug hunters to call.

WordPress Disaster Recovery
We don’t want your site to go down due to a server glitch, a wicked hack, or a bad update. The bad news is that all sites crash. It’s a matter of when, not if. So don’t wait for the bad news to happen to you. Get protected by having us backup your WordPress website and keeping a good copy on hand for when disaster strikes. Never be left without a safety net again!

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