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How to build a club website using WordPress Multisite

Now, it goes without saying that WordPress Multisite is a misunderstood and often misused creature. You often start down the WP Multisite path with good intentions, only to quickly discover how unmanageable these Monsters can become! And yet, their is power in a WordPress Multisite installation… can you feel it?

How to troubleshoot unpredictable WordPress Multisite plugin behavior

In the exploration and hunting of WordPress Multisite Monsters, you often come across a situation that is unique to WordPress Multisite installations. Plugins tend to have a lot to do with Multisite

WordPress security never ends

I once heard the quote, “Anyone can play basketball, but only a few can play in the NBA.” The same is true with WordPress developers. Anyone can figure out how to install

How to add sub-domains to WordPress Multisite using symbolic links

If you have created your first WordPress Multisite Monster, chances are that you will want to add a subsite to it soon! Since WordPress Multisite uses only a single code base to

Build a WordPress Multisite monster for clubs

One of the first WordPress Multisite Monster Patterns you may encounter is the Wakemaker. This slow moving beast resembles a giant sea turtle with a small community on its back, gracefully trolling

Three strategies to avoid big WordPress Multisite monsters

WordPress Multisite — what I like to referred to as Monster Sites — is an often misunderstood creature. Most developer attempts at explaining the purpose of this configuration do not go beyond

How to prepare your content for the mobile-ready drive

Managing a massive website is no longer a one person gig. Most web savvy business owners know it takes emerging roles like Content Contributor, Web Content Editor, and Content Management System (CMS)

When to use WordPress Multisite

Mika Epstein is one of the foremost leaders in WordPress Multisite development, administration, and networking. During the WordCamp San Francisco 2013, she gave an excellent presentation called “Don’t Use WordPress Multisite” in which she argued that most single instance WordPress sites can do what you need Multisite to do with a effective use of plugins.

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